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Enviva is a coach­ing, train­ing and change man­age­ment agency which helps busi­nesses to develop their com­mer­cial cap­ab­il­it­ies, improve their com­mu­nic­a­tions and fin­an­cial per­form­ance. Enviva recently asked us to cre­ate their new web­site which could be used as part of their new busi­ness process.

We sat down with the team at Enviva to identify the pur­pose and audi­ence for their web­site. This is really one of the most import­ant parts of the design and devel­op­ment pro­cess, once you have iden­ti­fied who a pro­ject is aimed at and how it will be used, a lot of ambi­gu­ity is removed from many of the ques­tions which come later.

The primary vis­it­ors to Enviva’s web­site would be pro­spect­ive cli­ents with whom Enviva had already entered into dis­cus­sions and had dir­ec­ted to the web­site them­selves. The pur­pose of the site was to help con­firm with and reas­sure pro­spect­ive cli­ents that Enviva is a trust­worthy agency cap­able of hand­ling their busi­ness needs.

As such there would be no require­ments for SEO or Social Media integ­ra­tion as we were not look­ing to hook in vis­it­ors through any organic means. We are only really con­cerned about get­ting the mes­sage across to those who have been act­ively dir­ec­ted to the site.

The vis­it­ors are mostly heads of busi­nesses requir­ing a short over­view of Enviva and its ser­vices without any fuss, Enviva’s con­cern was not to encour­age vis­it­ors to return to the site on a reg­u­lar basis but rather to impart as much inform­a­tion as pos­sible in one go so the vis­itor had no require­ment to return. The site has to be as simple as pos­sible with no uncer­tainty of pur­pose or navigation.

Ulti­mately Enviva sup­plies a per­son­al­ised ser­vice for each of it’s cli­ents and the web­site has to be a reflec­tion of this. The core of the site is built around the case stud­ies, testi­mo­ni­als and the list of com­pan­ies Enviva has worked with previously.

The decision on site man­age­ment was that the gen­eral man­age­ment of the web­site would remain with us, the site does not need updat­ing often enough to war­rant train­ing and detailed con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem for Enviva to use in-house. As it stands we built the site on our in-house CMS so that a large por­tion of it can be eas­ily man­aged in case this decision should be changed in future. We sup­plied some focussed con­tent man­age­ment com­pon­ents for spe­cific areas (Case Stud­ies, Testi­mo­ni­als) so that these can be edited very eas­ily without our involve­ment should this be required.

We’re all really happy with the final web­site, Enviva were all won­der­ful to work with.

Visit the Enviva website.

Here’s what they had to say:

Work­ing with Bob and his team was a delight. The web­site they cre­ated for Enviva not only met our ori­ginal spe­cific­a­tions but their cre­at­ive input into the pro­ject ensured that the fin­ished web­site far exceeded our expect­a­tions. The pro­cess ran very smoothly and, as novices to web design, being led through each step of the design and imple­ment­a­tion was exactly what we needed.

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