Updated Social Media Brochure

January 23, 2012 in Social Media by

Our new Social Media bro­chure can be down­loaded by click­ing right here (pdf).

I’ve listened to the feed­back from the last incarn­a­tion, which was mostly “I fell asleep about page 8″ and “does it really need THAT much detail”. We’ve tried to give a good over­view of the ser­vice without going into more detail than is neces­sary. We are here to answer any ques­tions that are not covered in the brochure.

The bro­chure does include a price guide, which was the other most reques­ted aspect. It’s not a hard and fast menu but it should give an idea of costs, and what you will get for your money.

Any feed­back is wel­come — bob@shinytastic.com, or leave a com­ment below. Let me know what we’ve missed and if any of it reads like mar­ket­ing speak, the inten­tion is for it to be as intel­li­gible as possible.

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